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Pallet Racking ASRS Feature Automated storage / retrieval system consists of racking system, Crane system, conveyor system, management and controlling system. This system represents the most advanced automatic technology which is used in logistics industry. In the racking system, there are all...

Mini-Load AS / RS is another warehouse automation solution. No need to invest high There is a small size and takes less space than other types of warehouses. It is a compact storage system that can be stored in boxes or baskets intensively. Choose to install both single deep and double deep, work quickly and accurately with the control by WMS / WCS Software. The crane can be used to move the material directly to the operator. It is a 100% automated system that saves time in sorting materials and picking-up, handling, inventory, handling and ordering. Save energy and labor Convenient to install in buildings or on buildings, can be used in both thermo warehouse and cold storage.

Pallet Load AS / RS is an automated warehouse management system. By placing the product on a pallet in the shelf Which can be built higher than 30 meters, can store dense products and can weigh up to 3,000 kilograms. The Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS / RS) is a warehouse system controlled by WMS Software. It can be designed to meet the needs of customers. Appropriately for use Can be installed in both normal temperature warehouse and temperature-controlled warehouse or cold room