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smart warehouse technology

acetec technology co., ltd.

We are experts in sourcing logistics innovations to enhance Thai industries’ competitiveness in the global market by
offering advanced smart warehouse solution that saves building spaces, optimizes the material flow, reduces material
losses and damages, and promotes utilization of human resources efficiently and effectively.

Customer Success

is Our Inspiration & Passion”



We are experts in Smart Warehouse Technology. We use modern technology. To increase the potential for warehouse management We also manage the design of
warehouse management systems with software (WMS) as well as the communication of warehouse data up to the level of enterprise management systems
(ERP Data Interfacing) in line with Industrial 4.0 policy.

Having been in business for over 18 years, we provide consultancy, design and installation of water systems for both consumer and household water filters in the industry
to wastewater treatment systems. Including bringing wastewater back Can be reused almost entirely for large industries

About Us

ACETEC Technology Company has been in business for more than 15 years as a system integrator or system integrator for warehousing. Hitech can choose any device or
product that will best suit the needs of customers. In order to design the warehouse management system Including installation for the needs of customers as well as
providing after-sales service. Acetech is committed to being a part that helps Thai businesses to develop their competitiveness in the world market.

Our Skills

We have experience in installing storage systems for medium and large sized warehouses, both Manual, Semi Auto and Auto. We are experts in providing advice and assisting customers in system planning, designing and allocating space for efficiency. Use the most suitable with the appropriate budget.


  • Friendly service to find answers and the best things that are best suited for system management. Efficient warehouses and produce results with innovative modern advances that reduce risks and errors Labor and cost savings
  • Thai business reform


  • Provide services that satisfy customers, impress and create added value.
  • Adhere to safety, integrity and on time delivery
  • Create a livable organization and environment


The Authorized Distributor of HAI ROBOTIC in Thailand


Type : Automation System Integrator (ASI)

ISO 9001:2015

For the scope of Integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Software Design, Installation and Maintenance Service for Fully-Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual