Smart Warehouse Technology.

We are in the field of warehouse management systems.
We, installation and consulting services. including after sales services.

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after sales services.

ACETEC Technology Company has been in business for more than 15 years as a system integrator or system integrator for warehousing. Hitech can choose any device or product that will best suit the needs of customers. In order to design the warehouse management system Including installation for the needs of customers as well as providing after-sales service. Acetech is committed to being a part that helps Thai businesses to develop their competitiveness in the world market.

Our Products

We have experience in installing storage systems for medium and large sized warehouses, both Manual, Semi Auto and Auto. We are experts in providing advice and assisting customers in system planning, designing and allocating space for efficiency. Use the most suitable with the appropriate budget.

Our Services

We focus on service and provide advice about warehouses.
To meet the needs of customers

Design &


We design warehouses for customers who have plans to build a new warehouse or want to renovate existing warehouses. By offering the most suitable technology for customers to meet the needs and work of every customer.

Installation &


We install shelves and machines used in the warehouse system. With a team of experienced engineers And work professionally More importantly, we are the SI (System Integrator) company, so we can collect different systems to be able to work together effectively.

After Sale Service &

Preventive Maintenance

We provide services with care and focus on maintaining every device. Every machine Including checking the shelves of goods So that customers can be confident that their own warehouse Will be able to use it well and is always safe.

Our Project



Our Project


ADB – 816 The New Factory and Warehouse with Shuttle Rack System

Our Project


SRC Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Thailand’s tallest (30m) AS/RS warehouse

Our Project


CITYFOOD WH1 Shuttle Rack System High-density cold storage (0°C) Shuttle Semi Auto Racking System

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