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Carton Flow rack

Carton Flow Rack

Drive system with gravity By feeding the products from the back of the rack to flow down the ramp of the rails To the front (FIFO) when the front product is lifted out The inner product will flow down instead. Make the product always rotated

Drive-in rack Drive-in racking is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It can accommodate a large number of pallets for each stock keeping-unit. This system makes better use of the available surface and height of space than any other’s. Features & Benefits ◆ High density storage...

1.Product Description Live rack is called gravity flow rack, it is a high density and low energy consumption storage system. The pallet is supported by steel rollers. The pallets slide down from entrance side to exit side along the sloping roller convey o r. The brake installed in the roller...

Medium Duty Shelving

Medium Duty Shelving System

Medium Duty Rack is suitable for the middle load. According to different requirements of load capacity, 4 kinds of long panels can be chosen. The layer height of beams is adjusted by pitch of 50mm. Its capacity is among 300kg-500kg per level. Here are some standard depth showing to you as a recommendation: D=400/500/600/700/800

The system is suitable for storing a variety of products or various types of structure, designed to be strong, suitable for carrying a lot of weight, easy to use, can choose the location of storage and easy to take out products, suitable for factories. Industrial warehouse etc.

Shuttle Racking is a new innovation of semi-automatic warehouse storage system. Can store up to 80% of the area with the operation of the Radio Shuttle Car. To store and release products With this system, customers can utilize the space to the maximum efficiency. Faster and safer Because the forklift does not need to drive inside to store or pick up the desired product (Drive-In system) regardless of where the product is located. Thus reducing the accident that the forklift will hit the rack